Leatherhead’s multi-lingual Global Regulatory Services team can give expert advice and consultancy on all aspects of food and drink regulation to ensure you remain compliant and can anticipate future issues.

With direct experience in over  80 countries, Leatherhead’s expert advisors understand local food legislation and can describe the implications for specific products to allow you to assess the risks and merits of each course of action.


Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Nutrition and health claims (including dossier preparation)

  • Advertising and claims support

  • Food and nutrition labelling

  • Novel foods (including support with dossier preparation)

  • Genetically modified foods or food ingredients

  • Food additives (including support with dossier preparation)

  • Flavourings

  • Food supplements

  • Food fortification

  • Foods for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS)

  • Pesticides and maximum residue limits

  • Contaminant maximum levels

  • Compositional standards

  • Materials and articles intended for food contact use

  • Food safety and hygiene provisions

  • Expert witness and litigation support


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