About Leatherhead Food Research

Visit www.leatherheadfood.com to view our full range of services that support the food and drink industry.

As a trusted partner to the food and drink industry for nearly a century, Leatherhead offers unparalleled breadth and depth of experience to provide inspiring solutions for today’s challenging marketplace.

Our services are designed to reflect these challenges:

  • Rebuilding consumers’ trust in food

  • Driving and enhancing food quality

  • Offering healthier choices

  • Controlling costs

Our world-renowned global regulatory consultancy service allows our clients to be compliant and transparent in their communication and our unique food authenticity tests ensure complete integrity.

Our consumer research and sensory evaluation tools have helped clients gain new insights into the quality attributes that are important to their consumers.

Our product and ingredient experts work with clients to develop new product choices, working closely with our process design team to manage the tensions between health, quality and cost.

In addition to specific services, Leatherhead Food Research runs a full programme of training courses to transfer knowledge, update best practice and bring new learning to the industry. Member days run throughout the year to communicate research output, engage on relevant topics and to allow networking amongst industry colleagues.

Together with daily newsletters, market updates, incident reviews and published reports, Leatherhead Food Research offers unrivalled support for all members and clients, large or small.

To join us as a member visit the member’s area of our website www.leatherheadfood.com/membership