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On Line Food Regulatory Guides that make your job easier.

Leatherhead’s Food Regulatory Guides are designed to give you instant access to current food regulations in Europe and across the globe via an on-line subscription. They give you the guidance and clarity to help you to make the right decisions.

Benefits of the Guides:

  • Key regulations in one place, saving you time and avoiding the need to pull together information from different sources.

  • With regular updates, you can be confident that you have the latest information The clear and concise summaries help you work out what action you need to take

The Guides are created by Leatherhead’s leading Global Regulatory Service. This multi-lingual team has direct experience of the regulatory requirements in over 80  countries and has used these skills to help clients  navigate legislative frameworks and make the right decisions.

The European Food Regulatory Guide is a one-stop reference tool for food legislation at EU level as well as for specific requirements within Member States as well as Norway and Switzerland … read more

The International Food Regulatory Guides are  a one-stop reference tool for food legislation covering  Australia & New Zealand and Japan with USA, Canada and South Africa to follow…read more

Make your job easier and subscribe to the On Line Food Regulatory Guides.

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